Mom first Blog

Actually i don't know how to start this Blog. I am all new here but i would like to try.
I am  not good in writing, so please bear with me as you read this.

Anyways, for my first Blog, I would like to tell you a little about myself and my family.
My name is Sheryll, but all my friends and family called me "She".
So you can call me She. 

Originally we (my husband and i) came and we are from the Philippines (we are Filipinos). 

that's me and my husband
My husband (Mike) and I are friends for 8 years, became in a relationship for 2 years and now we are 8 years happily married.

We are the proud parents of these two children.

Kael & Kass

My eldest is Kael, he is now 6 years old. He will be in grade two this fall. He loves to sing and dance and loves Nerf gun and Cars.

My youngest is Kass, she is 3 years old. Loves also to sing and dance. Like to play barbies and play-doh. and she will go to school and will be in Pre-K this fall 2019.

We migrated here in Canada last august 2011. So technically this is our second home.

We are now currently living here in Saskatchewan. We're been here for almost 8 years now.

I became a stay at home mom when Kael turns 1, because he has a severe Eczema that needs attention, so we decided for me to just stay home. While my husband is doing a full and part time job.

Until now, I am still stay at home mom. The main reason now is because we have two small children that needs care. And also my youngest has eczema like her kuya (brother).

So that's my small family!

In my Next Blog, i will be sharing to you our life here in Canada, me as stay at home mom (including my struggle), my children and everything that might interest you.

Thank you for reading, till my next Blog!