Chuck E Cheese's a Fun Place to Go

During our holiday in Edmonton last April, my kids special request is to go to Chuck E Cheese. They were very excited when my husband and i took them to Chuck E Cheese.

my daughter behind her is Chuck E Cheese Mascot

Chuck E Cheese (the E stands for "Entertainment")

Is a family entertainment and play center, they also serve pizza (we never try the pizza) and other menu items, it is also completed by arcades games, amusement rides and play area for toddlers.
When you walk through the doors, there is wide selection of games, there's a classic and latest interactive learning games. They got so much activity that's perfect for every kids. And their activities are appropriate based on interests and competency levels of every kids.

That day we gave our kids a one and a half hour of excitement in a Chuck E Cheese.
Our kids feel that they are in world where they make rules, we gave them a All you can Play games.

When we arrived, we pick a set amount of play time, and the kids get access to all the games all they want, as many times as they want.
We also have the option to pause our time once. So if your kids wants to go to the bathroom or eat some pizza, just freeze the time and return to play when they're done.

All Play Pass Card

Our kids play a good selection of games and almost try every games. They have so much fun and won lots of tickets.

And they also get to meet the main character and mascot Chuck E. Cheese, a comedic mouse who sings and interact with guests!

What does it cost to get into Chuck E Cheese?

They have this new All you can Play

  • 30 minutes of unlimited games for $10
  • 70 minutes of unlimited games for $20
  • 120 minutes of unlimited games for $30
  • 250 minutes of unlimited games for $50
  • (I think it is available at some locations only.)

How all you can play works?

  • Pick your amount of time, you just need to buy the time and tap any game to start.
  • Time expires at the end of the purchase, when time is up, the play pass card will stop working but you can always add more time if you want to play longer.

Chuck E Cheese is a good and fun place to go when you have a younger kids, they provide a fun and easy activities and games.

It is a place where kids are free to be themselves. This is a paradise for them!

And because our kids enjoy and loves the experience, it is an awesome day for us!


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