Essential Oil Diffuser that i used at Home

I have been thinking of ways to make my home smells good and to eliminates odor, I tried scented candles but they are extremely costly overtime.
So, I tried Essential Oil Diffuser that i bought from Amazon.

What is Oil Diffuser?

Essential Oil Diffusion is the process of dispersing Essential Oils so that their aroma fills a room or an area with a natural fragrance.
In the case of a Diffuser for Essential Oils, it takes the pleasant smelling and spreads or diffuses them throughout your home.

The specific type of Diffuser that i bought for my home is the Ultrasonic Diffuser.

It is the common Diffuser on the market.
In the ultrasonic Diffuser, it spreads or diffuse the mist or humidification of the Essential oils.
It breaks up the the oil and water in a tiny molecules that disperse into the air.
In this type of Diffuser you only need a small amount of oil to be diffused throughout the room. Not much oil needed yet still producing a subtle aroma.

In terms of Essential oils, there's so many scents to choose from. Like:
  • Tea Tree has the ability to purify and freshen the air. 
  • Lavender will help you relax, it creates comforting and calming environment
  • Eucalyptus help relieves congestion and runny nose and help you breath easier
  • Peppermint help calm the mind
  • Lemongrass help you boost energy
  • Sweet Orange it has a sweet, fresh and citrus scent, will help improves mood.

I really love the little Essential Oil Diffuser that i bought from Amazon. But you can also browse some to other websites like Walmart or AliExpress

Here's the link: Essential Oil Diffuser

It so easy to use, just fill in the container with water and put a 3 to 4 drops of Essential Oil, then press the mist button. And it works, water is good for 3-4 hours.
And it is also easy to clean.
It has a color changing lights too. (8 LED color Lights)

It is small, but it looks good and works wonderfully well.
I put the Diffuser on my living room.
And also very quiet.

There are so many benefits of diffusing essential oils, and one that i loved the most is - it really adds lovely scents to your home.
It helps cleanse and purify the air and gives soothing relax feelings when your at home and improves your sleeps, it will help you unwind at the end of the hard day, asides from some amazing health benefits that it gives.

Just make sure you use a quality essential oils.

It also act as a small humidifier. Absolutely worth the investment.


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