How FM Transmitter works for car

Our old car has no Bluetooth audio connectivity. We decided to bought an Fm Transmitter, so that my husband will have a hands free phone calls for a safe driving.

What is FM Transmitter?

It is a low-power Fm Radio Transmitter that broadcast a signal from a portable audio device such as an MP3 Player to a standard Fm radio. Most of these transmitters plug into the device's headphone jack and then broadcast the signal over an FM broadcast band frequency, so that it can picked up by a nearby radio. This allows portable audio devices to make use of the louder or better sound quality of  a home audio system or a car stereo without requiring a wired connection. They are often used in cars, like what we did. But you ca also used this to broadcast an audio source, like a computer or television, around a home.

Is it Legal to use it?
  • The legality and maximum permitted power levels or field strengths of these devices varies by country. In industry Canada, permits transmitters that have an output lower than 100 ┬ÁV/m at 30 metres (98 ft) (approximately 1 microwatt output).

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I decided to browse for Fm Transmitter to other website like Walmart and Amazon.
So many products to choose from, so i decided first to read some reviews just to help me decide what works best for us and it leads me to this Transmitter:

This is what includes in the package, it also comes with 18 months warranty, user manual and cable.

I purchased it online at Amazon for the Price of  $29.99 cnd.

Here's the Link:

Device Details:
  • It has a 1.8 Color Screen
  • It is Multi-functional, Supports incoming call, has a built in microphone that supports hands-free talking.
  • Support AUX/Bluetooth/USB/TF Card
  • Plug in or press any button to power on

How It works?
  • its very easy, just plug in to the car, connect to the cigarette lighter
  • turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and pair it to your device
  • choose the same radio frequency between your device and the audio system of your car
  • and all done, it works.

This FM Transmitter is one of the best as it does it works really well.

It is very easy to use, a very user friendly.
Compatible with most devices like Samsung and Apple.
We love that it is easy picking calls or it hands-free calling for a safe driving.
We can also play our music from our USB, MP3 or any smartphones, we can hear it via car speakers. And it makes a great sound quality.

Another good thing is it has a colorful LCD Screen that looks cool!

The only down fall is we need to unplug or remove the Fm Transmitter from the cigarette lighter after use to prevent your car battery from being drained.

But other than that, we are 100% satisfied with this product.

For how it works it converted our stereo into a Bluetooth, it fulfilled its purpose and  we never thought of updating our old car stereo.


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