How to get SPA without the need to appear in person

I have already shared to you in my recent blog post on How to get a Special Power of Attorney that you will use in the Philippines.

Here's the link:

In that procedure you need to appear in person and sign the document before a Consular Officer.

But because we have one more documents in the Philippines that needs to be sign.

The question is do we need to go back to Calgary just to get the Special Power of Attorney?
It is along 6 hours drive from where we live.

The answer - we don't need to. (as long as you're not in a hurry)

Because there is now an option.

There's two type of documents that may be notarized/legalized by the Philippine Consulate General Calgary:

1. Documents that are executed by individuals based in the Alberta or Saskatchewan, and signed in front of a Consular Officer at the Philippine Consulate; and

2. Documents issued by Canadian agencies or institutions in Alberta or Saskatchewan, that have the authentication of the authorities of Alberta Deputy Provincial Secretary's Office or Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice.

The procedure in the first one is in my recent blog post.

And now we do the second type of the Procedure.

And i will share to you HOW and WHAT we did to get the Special Power of Attorney without needing to appear in person and sign the document in front of a Consular Officer in Calgary.

For those based in Saskatchewan, this is what we did:

1. Have the document/s notarized by a local Notary Public

You have an option to go in any local Notary Public in your area.
Just walk in or booked an appointment, have your document/s notarized and pay the fees.
The fees depend on the local Notary Public you will go.

What we DID:
  • Before we go to Notary Public, i already made the Special Power of Attorney letter by myself, like what i did on my recent blog post.
  • Again, I list the things that needs to be authorized in my SPA.
  • I photocopy the SPA, and the Valid ID's that we will use.

One of the services of FILCAS is a Notary Public, so we decided to go to them for the Notarization of our Documents.
They accept donations only for the service of the Notary Public.

FILCAS Office is located at:
115 3 Ave S, Saskatoon SK. S7K 1L7

Phone no: 306-653-4499

Good thing we go to FILCAS because they gave us a check list, a step by step instructions of how to get the SPA like a pro.

2. Send the Notarized Documents to Regina for Notarial Signature Authentication at the following address at:

Ministry of Justice
Authentication Services
800-1874 Scarth Street
Regina Sk S4P 4B3

Phone no: 306-787-2951

The Fee: $50.00 per document, they accept Cash, Cheque or Money order payable to "Ministry of Finance"

You also have an option to go to Regina and you will have the Notarized Document Authenticated in just a minute.

For more information just visit:
Ministry Of Justice

What we DID:
  • We send the document to Regina to have the Notarized Document Authenticated.
  • I included a $50.00 Cheque payable to Ministry of Finance.
  • Included a self-address Xpresspost Envelope (regional), so it will be a next day delivery service.

I received our document/s stamped with the Great Seal Of Saskatchewan by the Deputy Attorney General in just Two (2) days.

3. When we received the Document/s from Regina, we mailed it to Philippine Consulate General in Calgary for Consular Authentication.

What we DID:

We send the Documents to Philippine Consulate General Calgary

Note:They only accept "Bank Draft"

What's included in my packaged:
  • SPA Document/s
  • Bank Draft in the amount of $33.75 per document payable to "Philippine Consulate General"
  • My contact details (Phone number and Email Address)
  • Xpresspost Envelope with Signature Sticker
  • Photocopy the whole and all documents (for PCG Copy)

According to their website, Processing takes three (3) working days, counted from the next day following the receipt of application.

But as expected, the actual Processing times takes 6 working days!

The Consulate General Mailing Address:

Philippine Consulate General
Suite 920 517 10 Ave SW
Calgary AB T2R 0A8

After the step by step and all the Procedure have done.

After  two follow ups. (I don't know why they don't answer their phones!)

And after 2 long weeks of waiting..

Finally we got the documents!

It is long process and definitely will take long but i think as long as you're not in a hurry and as long as you're willing to wait.. It will still save you time, money and energy.


  1. Do you send your documents to the PH through Canada post as well? Thank you your blogpost has been helpful!

  2. Hi again, how long will it take for the documents to arrive in the ph from canada? thank you

    1. Hi, sorry but I totally forgot how long it takes.. I used Canada Post and i think (not sure) 2 weeks.
      But you can inquire that to whoever courier you would like to use.



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