My Son Loves Fishing

My family loves to go fishing, especially my son. It is one of our favorite activities to do. It is an enjoyable outdoor activity for my son, for he loves to fish and loves fish.
But my son doesn't eat fish for he has an allergy and eczema.

My son started to go fishing and enjoyed the experience when he was just 2 years old, because my husband loves to fish and he takes my son with him to go fishing often.
Since then it become one of our favorite things to do as a family.

my son when he was 3 years old, went fishing with his dad

And this season just started a time for fishing. A most treasured time that my son have been waited.

Kael with his fishing rod

We live in Southern Zone of Saskatchewan, date of fishing is started on May 5 - March 31.

My husband got his Fishing Licence At Cabellas for $37 (annual), but fishing licence are also available online anytime.

Just visit

Create an account and you can purchase a fishing license.
Youth under 16 and Saskatchewan Resident seniors over 65, do not require a license.

There is daily limit of fish that you can get out of the water.

  • 4 walleye/sauger
  • 5 northern pike
  • 3 lake trout
  • 2 arctic grayling
  • 8 goldeye
  • 8 whitefish
  • 8 burbot
  • 5 rainbow trout / Atlantic salmon
  • 25 perch

It is illegal to fish without a possessing a valid Saskatchewan angling licence unless the angler is under 16 years old or seniors.

Our first Fishing Trip of the Season this year:

We went to Borden for our first fishing trip, Borden is just 30 minutes away from where we live.
When we arrived, my husband and son set up their fishing rod while me and my daughter set up the camping chair.
We only waited for 15 minutes and my son catch his first fish. It is a good size Goldeye.

Kael's first catch

I can see in his eyes, how happy and proud he is when he got his first fish of the season.
The way he reel and cast his fishing rod, you can see how it is perfectly mastered.
My son is now 6 years old, old enough to be an anglers (Fisherman)

Fishing gives my son a different energy and focus, i can really see that he loves what he's doing.
He knows how to check his poles, and divert his attentions to different things while wait to have a good catch.

After a few minutes of waiting, my Husband got his fish - a Walleye.

my husband and his first catch

It gives us excitement that this day will be good day for fishing.

After a few more minutes, my son got bite and  thrilled to got his second fish - a good size Walleye.
But in his excitement, it almost got away.
Thanks to my husband, he still catch the fish with his hands.

Kael and daddy's catch of the day

My husband is a proud dad, he keeps on telling on my son, that "you're now a better angler because you hang out with a pro!"

The secret is in Proverbs 27:17 "as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

Fishing is a great way to teach our kids:
-That practice makes perfect
-It takes time to catch fish but if you really wait you will be rewarded, because patience paid off.
-There are days that there's no Fish and its Okay, just ENJOY!
-And to teach them to be dependent on God, who gives fish!

My husband is now beginning to teach my daughter who is 3 years old to fish. Hoping she can join the team.

Fishing Trip, is our family's way to relax and commune with nature and beauty of surroundings.

Catching fish is fun and gives us amazing feeling!

As a family we are learning to celebrate the good things in life and enjoy the wonders of the outdoor!

I remember something that i read, "Fishing for fish is a choice but fishing for others who don't know God is a command."


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