Child Bike Seat for our Family Biking

One of our favorite things to do during spring and summer is biking.

This is one of our ways to spend quality time together. We go outside and bike!.

My son has his own bike with his training wheels, but my 3 year old daughter is not yet ready to have her own bike.

So what we did, my husband carried along my daughter in his bike.

Before we come out with this idea, we browse some of the bike carrier in the market like Walmart and online like AliExpress but all the bike carrier now a days will cost you much.

I decided to browse some of the bike carrier on Amazon website.

And i found this and here's the LINK

Bicycle Child Seat

This is what they called Bicycle Child Front Seat

It place at the front of the bike that allows you to keep an eye on your child and the road at the same time. It also allows you for easy conversation with the child.
It gives you better control knowing you see your child while riding, than the usual child carrier that is place behind you or on the rear mounted seat. But rear mounted seat is recommended for a more growing child because it is much bigger and much accommodating.

But because it sits in front, it limits the space for adult rider.

In the manufacturer it recommended and can only bear a maximum weight of 30 kg or 66 lbs.
But i only recommend maximum weight of 45 lbs, and only for small and young toddlers.
My daughter is now 36 lbs and i think my husband doesn't have any difficulty peddling.

My daughter is always excited when riding this bike carrier. I can see that she is comfortable and enjoying most of the ride. It is her second year riding this bike seat, she starter to used it when shes 2 years old.
She feels safe knowing she's riding with daddy.

This child seat has a padded sponge cushion and it seems to me that it is comfortable to her.
It doesn't have a shoulder strap but it has a nonslip handrails for better grip and for stability and safety of the child. And my daughter is felt more secure having something to hold on to.
And it has a footrest, it helps to properly support a child's feet and legs in front. And so the kids legs and feet wont reach the tire.

Very easy to install and uninstall.

Just make sure to secure all the bolts and its ready to go!

Not all bikes are compatible with child bike seat and other bikes are compatible with a certain types of child seat.
So prior to purchasing, make sure your bike is compatible with your choice child seat.

Even though my daughter doesn't know yet how to bike by her self. She is still enjoying the family biking.

This fun activity gives our kids a fun way to explore outdoors. And gives us fun way to be healthy and fit.

In our world today, everyone is busy with work, with school and with other things to do.
So as a family we make sure we have some quality time we spend with our kids, and we do that by biking together.

Everybody is geared up, we have our own helmets and bikes.

And ready to bond the outdoors and exercise!


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