West Edmonton Mall World Water Park

My family went to Edmonton, Alberta Canada for a holiday last April 2019. My husband and i decided to go to West Edmonton Mall Water Park, so the kids will enjoy some time in the water. It was indeed an enjoyable day specially with the kids, as they love swimming.

And i want to share with you our experience in the West Edmonton Mall World Water Park.

my kids in front of the entrance at World Water Park

World Water Park is a water park located at West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. According to wikipedia, it is the largest indoor water park in North America and also contains the world's largest indoor wave pool, That my kids really loves. 

It operates all season, meaning it is open all year round! and that sounds good!

It has 3 pools, 17 water slides that has a different names that i will not mention all here,  some of them are Howler - a dark slide that is enclosed that drops rider around 4 ft deep, blue Bullet - a blue slide that offers different experience, it is considered by some to be the most exhilarating in the Water Park, and a lot more different kind of slide, that you can try specially if you are really more on the adventurous side and there are slide for beginner, intermediate slides and advanced slides (those were the giants Slides) and 2 children areas. 

Behind us are the different Slides

This one of the pool for kids (toddlers)

Some other attractions like the surf simulator and sky flyer zipline that we did not try because the kids were too small, but we are planning to try all of that when we come back. 

Behind us is the Sky Flyer Zipline and the Wave pool

World Water Park also has two hot tubs:
Double and single

Their Slogan is - "Wet, Wild, and Wonderful"
And it is really a wonderful experience specially if you have kids who loves water, like our kids!

Some of you would like to know how much for the Admissions in this Water Park. I will break down  the list here (According to their official website)

For detailed info just go to:

  • Multi park Admission (a 2 day park admission) is $119
  • They also have a Special Promotion: 
  1. Water Park for Toddler $19.80 valid Sep-Jun, Monday-Thursday 
  2. World Water Park Value Pass $28.80, valid Sep-June, Monday-Thursday.
  • All Day Passes $44.10  (48" and taller)
  • All Day Passes under 48" $35.10 
  • All Day Passes Seniors $35.10  (aged 55+)
  • All Day Passes Seniors under 48" $26.10 (aged 55+)
  • All Day Beach Pass $22.50 (limited Access only)
And there's different kind of patio/cabana that you can rent in different prices, but if you don't like to spend money for a cabana, there's a beach chair that is available on the side of the pool for free.

I Suggest you buy your ticket online, so you can save 10%
The water park admission that you will buy online includes:

  • Free Coca-cola freestyle with unlimited refill
  • Free Life Jacket for the kids
  • Free swim diapers

free Life Jacket for kids

You can also rent:

  • Inner Tube for $6, that is the yellow floaters
  • Towels $3
  • Regular Size Lockers $8, Jumbo Size $12, both lockers used an arm band with a bar-code, and its cool!

Beside us are the Inner tube (yellow floaters) and the beach Chair, that is available for free

I Suggest, when you are planning to go there, bring your own towel, and in my opinion Inner Tube is not worth it, we got 2 inner tube but we did not use it because the kids were too small for that, we ended up giving the inner tube to the older kids that have eager to get it.

And other ways to save, stay and book in their hotels, they have 2 hotels, the Fantasy Land Hotel and West Edmonton Inn, they give good deals - If you book in one of their hotel, they will give you two attraction passes redeemable at Galaxyland or World Water Park.

In our next visit, we are planning to book in one of their hotel, to save a bit.

  • Our kids, loves this place, specially the wave pool that is huge and big, to the point that they don't like to get out of the pool.  
  • And in my opinion it is one of the best indoor water park that we've been, water is good, clean and warm, it keeps our kids busy and it is full of fun! it is a great place for families, in any age.
  • Cons- a bit pricey, but when you see your kids happy, you just forgot the price!

My husband and my two happy kids!

Definitely we will come back and will try some attractions that we did not try the first time.


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