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Kids Free Bowl for Summer

Summer Vacation is started to come and our kids are starting to get bored. What do we do? Takes the kids to bowling. Our kids are started to fall in love in bowling. And bowling is one of the great way to get our family to spend time together and stay active during summer months. When we go bowling as a family, everyone can be a part of the excitement. This sports helps our kids to learn and develop skills at an individual pace. It keeps them focused. And it is one of the sports my 3 year old can play. What Bowling teach and helps our kids: Bowling teach them to problem solve and build skills towards strategizing. It helps strengthen their muscles, because the ball is heavy, their arms are becoming stronger just by holding and releasing the ball. It teach them to be competitive without aggression. My son is a little competitive, for him in all he do, winning is everything. So we are teaching him to have a healthy attitude about sports, stressing out that winning isn

Home Remedies I Tried to my kids with Eczema

My children have Eczema since they were just babies. They have been suffering for too long and i want to help them reduce or at least ease the pain and itchiness they felt everytime Eczema triggers. And as much as possible i don't want eczema to be part of their lives anymore. So i always thought of home remedies that i could try for them. I have also ask some mommies like me of what home or natural remedies they have tried for their kids who also suffered with Eczema. And i also did my research online. I know it is not an easy fix, for up to know i have not found ways to really cure Eczema, But i have tried some home remedies that help manage and control the symptoms and prevent the flares. Here are some of the Home Remedies that i tried that give my children's skin some relief from eczema: Bleach Bath I fist heard this to our family doctor and it sounds new to me. He wants us to try the Bleach in bath. According to research it indicates that bleac

Eczema in my Kids

B oth of my kids had suffered some rashes appeared on their faces, cheeks, scalps, tummy area, some on the folds of their elbows and knees and sometimes on their hands, arms and legs. Their skin looks red, dry and scaly to me, even became thick. Because the rashes don't go away, we decided to have them check by our family doctor. The result both of them had Eczema. Because my husband an i grow up on other side of the world that don't familiar with that Eczema thing. So i did my research. For me to better help my kids! What is Eczema ? The term Eczema refers to a number of different skin conditions in which the skin is red and irritated. The most common cause of Eczema is "Atopic Dermatitis", which affects older kids as well as infants. Eczema is an umbrella term for a group of conditions that cause the skin to become very dry, itchy and inflamed. The word Atopic described conditions that happen when someone is overly sensitive to allergens in th