Kids Free Bowl for Summer

Summer Vacation is started to come and our kids are starting to get bored.

What do we do?

Takes the kids to bowling. Our kids are started to fall in love in bowling. And bowling is one of the great way to get our family to spend time together and stay active during summer months. When we go bowling as a family, everyone can be a part of the excitement. This sports helps our kids to learn and develop skills at an individual pace. It keeps them focused. And it is one of the sports my 3 year old can play.

What Bowling teach and helps our kids:

  • Bowling teach them to problem solve and build skills towards strategizing.
  • It helps strengthen their muscles, because the ball is heavy, their arms are becoming stronger just by holding and releasing the ball.
  • It teach them to be competitive without aggression. My son is a little competitive, for him in all he do, winning is everything. So we are teaching him to have a healthy attitude about sports, stressing out that winning isn't everything. That in life there will be plenty of opportunity to learn about missing and defeat.
  • It teach them turn-taking, this will teach them how to take turns and shares the fun.
  • It teach them to be quick to forgive, that in all sports, everyone makes mistakes, that no one is perfect - that everything is part of the game, so be quick to forgive mistakes and move on.
  • It teach them that cheating is bad. Now a days cheating has become a game within a games. In all sports including bowling, we are teaching and helping them understand that cheating in all forms are wrong. We are making sure that our children know that performing honestly and losing is more honorable than cheating and winning.

Our family is registered for Kids Bowl Free.

What is Kids Bowl Free?

This Program is designed by bowling centers to give back to the community and provide safe, secure, and a fun way for kids to spend time this summer. Children whose age does not exceed a limit by a participating bowling center are eligible to register of the KBF program, all summer long.

Kids Bowl Free allows our kids to bowl 2 games Free everyday all summer at your local bowling alley.

How to Register?

Follow the link Kids Bowl Free for all the details and register your children for free.
As soon as you register you'll receive an email to confirm your email address. Each sunday morning you will receive an email from kids bowl free with the links of your coupon for the week. Or you also have an option of getting your coupons sent to your phone or tablet via app if you want to go paperless. Just show your coupon or link of your coupon to your local bowling alley during the period they accept the pass to redeem them. Plus free shoe rental included.

Have a blast and try it for free.


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