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Rove Dash Cam Review

R ecently our old dash cam have broken, so we decided to bought a new dash cam for our car. The old dash cam we had used are called Toguard Mini Dash Cam , it is a Full HD 1080p that i bought from Amazon. It has a 1.5" LCD with built in G-sensor loop. I Bought it for $39.99 with free shipping last Nov. 2017, but my husband only used the dash cam early last year (2018) and it lasted just this summer 2019, so overall we only used it for a year then it already broke. And were not happy because it doesn't last long as expected. Again i searched for a much better dash cam that we can use. And then we decided to bought this dash cam, it is called: Rove R2-4k Dash Cam with Wi-fi and GPS. Rove Dash Cam I Bought this Rove Dash Cam at , it is on sale for CDN $111.44 with a Free Shipping.  The original price is CDN $131.44, i saved $20.00 or 15% from the original price. Product Description: 1. It has a 4k Ultra HD It is designed to pro

Separation Anxiety of my Child School Drop off

R ecently my 4 year old daughter started her prekindergarten. My daughter was accustomed to being at home with me her first 4 years of her life, So its a bit exciting and scary for me that she will go to school for the first time and be separated from me for a long time. The first week of her school, my excitement anticipation translate into smooth, stress-free transition on the first week. Those first week was full of excitement for my little one. But everything turns different on the second week. My morning drop off became dramatic. School drop offs became the hardest and the most challenging part of my day. On the next several days i saw no improvement. She cried and screamed and keeps telling me, she doesn't like to go to school. There are morning that getting out of the house became a challenge, and resist leaving the house and she would tell me she likes to skip school. But of course i didn't give in to those request. Those morning dramatic drop off, always brea