Rove Dash Cam Review

Recently our old dash cam have broken, so we decided to bought a new dash cam for our car. The old dash cam we had used are called Toguard Mini Dash Cam, it is a Full HD 1080p that i bought from Amazon. It has a 1.5" LCD with built in G-sensor loop. I Bought it for $39.99 with free shipping last Nov. 2017, but my husband only used the dash cam early last year (2018) and it lasted just this summer 2019, so overall we only used it for a year then it already broke. And were not happy because it doesn't last long as expected.

Again i searched for a much better dash cam that we can use.

And then we decided to bought this dash cam, it is called: Rove R2-4k Dash Cam with Wi-fi and GPS.

Rove Dash Cam

I Bought this Rove Dash Cam at, it is on sale for CDN $111.44 with a Free Shipping. 
The original price is CDN $131.44, i saved $20.00 or 15% from the original price.

Product Description:

1. It has a 4k Ultra HD

It is designed to provide crystal clear 4k video,  and it 'claims' that it is not only during the day but also during the night time ( said that it has a super night vision technology ). That can capture clearer videos and photos even in low light night conditions.
The first time we try on this dash cam, it really provide the crystal clear video recording. I must say it is a 4k ultra HD that can record videos up to a resolution of 2160p, it has a really nice video quality. And it is what sold me.

2. Software 
It said to the description that it is the heart of this dash cam.
I must say, that the software is super user friendly, and easy to use.

3. It has a 2.4" LCD Screen, 12 MP Photo Resolution, 150 Ultra Wide Lens Viewing Angle
To  capture those important details.

4. Built in Wi-fi & GPS with a Free Rove App for your phone 
Just use the App to view and manage the dash cam recordings on your phone (Apple/Samsung) and then you can easily share the videos on social media. It has a Built in GPS, that accurately records your driving location and speed. You can view your driving route and tracker on google maps via Wi-Fi using the app.

5. It has a Built in G-Sensor 
That gets activated by sudden collision and locks the current video files as an important evidence. So you can prove when and where you hit or where exactly the impact occurred.

6. Parking mode 
It has a 24 hours parking monitor works on internal battery. If someone hits your car and impact reaches the G-Sensor level, then the camera will turn on. Then locks it and saves it.
And one more thing that is cool to this dash cam, the camera will give you Voice alert the next time it start, stating: "The parking mode got activated while you were away". So you can check the last saved video file to see who crashed your car!

7. Time Lapse Video and Screen Saver
The time lapse Video allows you to capture specific images per second at a  much lower rate, so everything seems to be moving faster in time lapse.
Screen Saver, will enable the black background after 1 min to minimize the light from LCD, but you can turn the screen saver off also if you wish.

8. This Dash Cam can withstand higher heat and cold Temperature
They said that there battery is made for extreme temperatures.

Temperature Guidelines:
  • Standard Operating Temperature: -22 degree Fahrenheit (-30 degree Celsius) - 176 degree Fahrenheit (80 degree Celsius)
  • Storage Temperature: -4 degree Fahrenheit (-20 degree Celsius) - 158 degree Fahrenheit (70 degree Celsius)  
  • Standard Working Humidity: 10-90%
So Probably it will work in the summer and winter here in Canada. So when the Temperatures becomes -40 or higher, maybe i will disconnect and take it inside And i think condensation on the lens will be a problem, if it leave outside from a super super cold snowy days. It will not be a problem if i take it inside, just for a safe side!

9. It has a Full 1 Year Warranty
This dash camera for cars is backed by a warranty. You can text or email the costumer care for Rove Dash Cam, but international Shipping to USA not included. And if you're having any doubts, it comes with a full Refund within 30 days.

Packaged Content:
  • Rove R2-4K Dash Camera
  • Dual USB Car Charger
  • Power Cable (12 ft)
  • USB Date Cable (2.5 ft)
  • 360 Degree Suction Mount
  • 3M Spare Sticky mount
  • Car wiring tool, cable hiding clips
  • User Manual; Registration Card

Overall I am very satisfied with the packaging (box looks amazing), quality of the product, i think it is 100% good quality, it looks sturdy and i think it will last longer than my old dash cam. And the video quality of this Rove Dash Cam, super clear. And it is very easy to use, super user friendly. All the description and featured are all true to this dash camera.
It is a great dash cam, it is less worry that if something happen, it will be recorded.

We are extremely happy! Amazing product, worth it!


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