Missing: The Other Side 2 [2022]

Upcoming Korean Drama in December 2022

Drama Name : Missing: The Other Side 2

No. of Episodes : 12

Genres : Thriller, Mystery, Supernatural

Airing Date : December 19, 2022

AirTime : Monday & Tuesday at 22:30

Netwrok : TVN

Director : Min Yeon-Hong

Writer : Ban Ki-Ri, Jung So-Young

NOTE : Missing: The Other Side 2 takes over TVN's Monday & Tuesday 22:30 time slot previously occupied by "Behind Every Star."


The Drama Series revolves around handsome con artist Kim Wook. Who happens to stumble across a mysterious Village where the spirits of missing dead people gathered.

Partnering up with Jang Pan-Seok, another person who knows the place.

Together, they helped solve the case of those dead people and recovered their bodies in the real world.

The upcoming season will follow the story of another Village, its called 3 Gongdan where missing deceased people stays.

Kang Eun-Sil and Oh Il-Yong stay in that Village. They used to be a sea captain for 30 years.

Meanwhile, Kim Wook, Jang Pan-Seok, Lee Jong-Ah and Detective Shin Joon-Ho will try to find the bodies of the missing people and chase after the truth behind their death.


Main Role : 

Go Soo
as Kim Wook

Heo Jun-Ho
as Jang Pan-Seok

Ahn So-Hee
as Lee Jong-Ah

Ha Joon
as Sin Joon-Ho

Lee Jung-Eun
as Kang Eun-Sil

Kim Dong-Hwi
as Oh Il-Yong


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