Recipe of Farewell [2022]

Upcoming Korean Drama in December 2022



No. of Episodes: 12

Network: Watcha 

Director: Lee Ho-Jae

Writer: Kang Chang-Rae (Novel), Lee Ho-Jae

Airing Date: December 1, 2022

Genres: Food, Life, Drama

Where to watch? 

  • Available to stream on Kocowa, Viki and Watcha


Da Jung used to be sweet working mom, but as Colorectal Cancer (Colorectal cancer is a disease in which cells in the colon or rectum grow out of control) strikes her, she gradually unable to eat. 

Da Jung's Husband, Chang Wook, works as a Translator and a Humanities Instructor. He has never cooked before, but he begun cooking to take care of his wife's meal and health.

Although Chang Wook only knows how to cook Ramen. He tries to develop healthy recipes to make a precious meal for his ill wife.

And as the story goes, he begins to realize how to treasure having a meal together with his family.


Main Role:


Han Suk-Kyu as Kang Chang-Wook



Kim Seo-Hyung as Jung Da-Jung

Support Role:

Jin Ho-Eun  as Kang Jae-Ho (Chang Wook & Da Jung Son)

Jo Yoo-Jung as Shin Yeon-Jin

Yang Kyung-Won as Yang Su-Won



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