The Glory [2022]

Upcoming Korean Drama in December 2022

Drama Name : THE GLORY

No. of Episodes : 8

Genres : Thriller, Drama, Melodrama

Airing Date : December 30, 2022

Network : Netflix

Director : Ahn Gil-Ho

Writer : Kim Eun-Sook

NOTE : All eight episodes will be available to stream upon release.

Where to watch?

  • It will be available on Netflix


It's a sad revenge story that begins with the high school student who dreamed of becoming an Architect.

However, she had to drop out of school after suffering from brutal school violence.

Years later, the perpetrator gets married and has a kid. Once the kid is in the elementary school, the former victim becomes their homeroom teacher and starts her thorough revenge towards the perpetrators and bystanders of her bullying days.


Main Role : 

Song Hye-Kyo
as Moon Dong-Eun

Lee Do-Hyun
as Joo Yeo-Jung

Im Ji-Yeon
as Park Yeon-Jin

Park Sung-Hoon
as Jeon Jae-Joon

Yeom Hye-Ran
as Kang Hyun-Nam

Jung Sung-Il
as Ha Do-Young


Still Cut Photos:

*Available Updates to follow


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