Trolley [2022]

Upcoming Korean Drama in December 2022

Drama Name : TROLLEY

No. of Episodes : 16

Genres : Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Melodrama

Airing Date : December 19, 2022

AirTime : Monday & Tuesday at 22:00

Network : SBS | Netflix

Director : Kim Moon-Kyo

Writer : Ryu Bo-Ri

NOTE : "Trolley" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Cheer Up."

Where to watch?

  • It's available on Netflix in selected regions and Viu in selected territories.


Joong-Do and Hye-Ju are a married couple. 

Joong-Do is a member of the National Assembly and he is driven to make the world a better place. 

His wife Hye-Ju runs a book repair shop. She hides a secret, which even her husband does not know. Hye-Ju only wants a peaceful and normal life. Even though her husband is a politician, Hye-Ju has never sought publicity or appeared in the media. 

But due to a case, Hye-Ju's secret becomes public.

(Source : AsianWiki)


Main Role : 

Kim Hyun-Joo
as Kim Hye-Joo, the wife of the member of the National Assembly.

Park Hee-Soon
as Nam Joong-Do, as promising member of the National Assembly.

Kim Mu-Yeol as Jang Woo-Jae, Nam Joong-Do's senior Assistant, whom he trusts the most.

Ryu Hyun-Kyung
as Jin Seung-Hee, Kim Hye-Joo's highschool friend and a wife of a Politician.

Ki Tae-Young
as Choi Ki-Young, Jin Seung-Hee's husband, also a Politician.

Jung Soon-Bin
as Kim Soo-Bin, she lives in a group house because of her parents divorce.


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