Work Later, Drink Now Season 2 [2022]

Upcoming Korean Drama in December 2022


No. of Episodes : 10

Genres : Comedy, Life, Drama

Airing Date : December 9, 2022

Network : TVING

Director : Park Soo-Won

Writer : Mikkang (Webcomic) Wi So-Young


Tells the story of the three long time friends who are single and in their thirties. Whose belief in life revolves having a drink after getting off work.

What to expect in Season 2?

There will be many more drunk nights and equally crazy acts as they deal with new day-to-day issues in their lives.


Main Role :

Lee Sun-Bin as Ahn So-Hee is a second writer who swears like a sailor and considers makgeolli as food because it is made from grain.

Han Sun-Hwa as Han Ji-Yeon is a beautiful Yoga Instructor with the positive view of everything, whose personality teeters between stupid and crazy.

Jung Eun-Ji as Han Ji-Goo is an Origami Youtuber. She is a woman with tough exterior but a soft heart.

Choi Siwon as Kang Buk-Gu works as a PD of a TV variety show. He hangs out with the three women.

Supporting Role:

Yoon Shi-Yoon as Mr. Nice Paper set to play as Han Ji-Goo's love interest.

Trailer :

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